Team EU

Published on September th, 2011

Angela HillmanAngela Hillman

Angela is the owner and lead instructor at Enticement Unlimited she fell in love with the pole after hosting a pole party in search of doing something unique for a 30th Birthday celebration.  Angela is a wife, mother of two children and a former school teacher.  Since pole dancing is a limited but growing entity in the Indiana area Angela is self-trained but has gotten the opportunity to learn and work with   some of her favorite polefessionals Torwa “Fiya Starta” Joe and Jillian “Stainless” Endsley.  Angela loves pole dancing what it has become and how she is able to touch the lives of women that she contacts in some way.




India EvansIndia Evans

India is an instructor with Team Eu and has been a part of Enticment Unlimited Team since Angela performed at her birthday celebration in January 2010.  India was a pole natural and really took to the Art of Pole.  India is the mother of two girls and a Pharmacy technician.   India loves pole and the effects that it has on the body.  India says “Everyone needs something that is just for them and Pole is that for me”


Together Angela and India have become Indy’s Tag Team of Pole and are dedicated to bringing pole dancing and its benefits to the mainstream fitness and dance world.